In order to host a beer garden event or have liquor served in a hall is to go the following website:

If you are looking to have liquor service at your wedding, festival or event, you will require a Special Event Permit.

Visit the Special Event Permits Online website or contact the Special Event Permit Helpdesk at 1 855 999-7656.

Special Event Maximum Drink Pricing

Maximum Single Serving Size*

Public or Private Function (including PST)

Public or Private Function with PST and GST** (5%)

Packaged beer, cider or cooler

2 standard sized cans (355 ml) or bottles – up to 12 oz. (341 ml) each

Per can or bottle – $5.00

Per can or bottle – $5.25

Beer, cider or cooler

By the glass – up to 24 oz. (682 ml)

Per 12 oz. (341 ml) glass – $5.00

Per 12 oz. (341 ml) glass – $5.25


Goldrock Security provides security for license license events, beer gardens.